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Customer Satisfaction Results

Bosch Car Service customers are invited to fill out customer satisfaction surveys providing feedback on the service they receive at their Bosch Car Service garage.

We surveyed over 4,200 Bosch Car Service customers and these are the reasons why they said they would come back:

99.3% said their call was handled promptly

98.2% said the garage clearly explained the work needed before carrying it out.

87.8% said their garage gave a clear cost estimate 96.7% said that their vehicles were ready for collection within the time agreed.

86.4% rated the overall service as ‘Excellent’

In all, 99.7% said they were happy with the service they received.

To find out more contact 08000 77 88 66

99.4% said yes!

The customer survey was completed by 2,104 Bosch Car Service customers between January and June 2009.

Areas of the customer experience covered by the Bosch Car Service satisfaction survey include initial contact with the garage, booking arrangements and administration.

The survey is administered via a Freepost satisfaction survey card managed independently of Bosch and the Bosch Car Service garage.

The satisfaction survey cards are freely available from all BCS garages or you may download a version from this page.