Parkside Garage

Servicing For All Makes & Models

Here at Parkside we have ATA Trained Technicians and we can carry out servicing to the highest standards.
We have 2 service schedules on our menu service and a Safety Check with Oil & Filter Change, or for people that have a manufacturer warranty to maintain we can carry out a manufacturers scheduled service with genuine dealer parts etc.

Whilst carrying out the service for you we will note & inform you of any items that may require attention.

Please view the tables below for the items included in each of our services and checks.

Our Service Schedules

Service Check
Check Windscreen for Damage
Check Washers & Wiper Blades
Check Lights & Lenses
Lubricate Hinges & Catches
Check Bodywork for Corrosion
Check / Replace Air Filter
Check / Replace Spark Plugs
Check / Replace Pollen Filter
Replace Fuel Filter
Test Brake Fluid
Test Antifreeze
Top up Fluid Levels
Check Wiring & Components
Check Drive Belt Interval
Check Fuel System & Pipes
Check Cooling System
Check Wheel Bearings
Check Suspension Joins / Bushes /Mountings / Gaiters
Check Drive Shafts & Gaiters
Check Shock Absorbers & Coil Springs
Check Flexible Brake Hoses
Remove All Wheels
Check Front Brakes (For Wear)
Check Rear Brakes (For Wear)
Check Tyre Pressures (& Spare)
Check Tyre Tread Depth (& Spare)
Change Engine Oil & Replace Filter
Check Gear Box Oil (If Possible)
Check Diff Oil (If Possible)
Check for Oil Leaks
Check Exhaust System
Check Brake & Fuel Lines
Check Handbrake Cables
Check Underbody for Corrosion
Check Seat Belt Operation
Check Operations of Controls & Switches
Check Hand & foot Brake Travel
Check Rediator Cooling Fan Operation
Check Warning Lamps
Re-set Service Light Indicator
Torque Wheel Nuts
Road Test
Stamp Service Record Book
Final Visual Check
Oil & Filter Service and Safety Check
New Oil & Filter
Check Antifreeze Strength & Level
Check Lights
Check Warning Lights
Check Auxillary Drive Belt
Check Handbrake
Check Brake Fluid Boiling Point
Check Brake Operation
Check Wipers
Top up Fluid Levels
Check Tyre Depth / Condition
Test Drive
* Service cost may vary dependant on specialist oils.
Gold Service Cost's Between £150 - £210*
Silver Service Cost's Between £95 - £145*
Oil & Safety Check Around £50+*